Plantation Shutters Castle Hill


"Choosing a plantation shutter that compliments your personal style is made

easy with the timeless elegance of the Normandy plantation shutter range."


Plantation shutters are a contemporary form of window covering in Castle Hill that can block out light and heat while still allowing free flowing air to pass through. Traditionally made of wood, they're constructed out of several slats or "blades" similar to that of a venetian blind. The differences being that a plantation shutter is built into a solid frame, rather than a retractable one, and the blades are mounted onto pivoting rods, not controlled by bands of material on their outside.


Keeping out sunlight and heat while still allowing air to pass through can be an interesting endeavour in Castle Hill, especially in homes where you may have windows and openings that aren't square or rectangular. Plantation shutters, also known as louvers or jalousie shutters, can be custom built in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them an extremely versatile solution to an ever present problem.


The basic design has been around from a early as the middle ages, installed into structural openings that did not contain any glass. The name is brought on by their use in European colonies in the Caribbean and South America. They realised that the design was perfect in these climates and most old plantation homes have these shutters fitted, hence the name.


Sydney Blinds and Shutters specialise in all varieties of plantation shutters throughout Castle Hill. Such as Infinity plantation shutters, Western red plantation shutters, Basswood shutters, Custom Craft plantation shutter, Phoenix wood plantation shutters, Roller plantation shutters or Security plantation shutters, ABS shutters, and Aluminium plantation shutters.


While most plantation shutters can be manually operated by the use of a lever attached to the metal rods running through the shutter blades, Sydney Blinds and Shutters offer an automatic solution called "Perfect Tilt Motorisation." This is a battery operated device bound with a wireless remote. This means there's no need for messy and invasive wiring. Energy efficient and practical, the batteries can be recharged by solar panel mounted on the roof of the home ensuring that the batteries are continuously charged.


Sydney Blinds and Shutters are the leaders in plantation shutter design and installation in Castle Hill. Our friendly staff go out of their way to ensure that you get the very best solution for your particular situation, and a product that will stand up to the test of time.


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